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STE Security Alarm Services

The Jablotron Smart Alarm offers the best protection for your home and business, with several professionals taking care of your security and that of your loved ones 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Guard Response

As soon as it has been verified that a crime is in progress or any other emergency situation is under way, we will dispatch a Security Officer

With arranged plans we will all the owner only.



Human action in less than 35 seconds

STE Security Receiving Centre can assess the situation when an alarm confirmation is received and decide on the next action to take in under 35 seconds.



24/7 Technical Service

STE Security customers, Receive a technical assistance service available for you 24 hours a day.


Control from my mobile

The My Jablotron application enables you to take full control of your security management system. Activate or deactivate the alarm from anywhere in the world. Monitor who enters or exits your premises, Disable any troubled detectors until a engineer can attend 


SOS Emergency button

Jablotron emergency pendants, buttons and wristbands with SOS button means you can request help immediately, including fire service and an ambulance.



 7 Years Extended product guarantee

Jablotron Alarm devices are covered by a 7 Year Extended guarantee, in addition to having the latest software updates. 

  • Under Monitoring and Maintenance *

STE Solutions Group (Security) Only use the best of system manufacturers.

All system’s are that of Open Protocol. Meaning not locked and CAN be defaulted

Jablotron Company Introduction

Jablotron Expansion Video



Steven Harper

Position: General Director
Hello, I am Steve the director @ STE Solutions Group (Security). I have been in the security industry for over 18 years now.
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