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MAKE YOUR HOME BETTER Make your property that much more than secure with the Jablotron Management System Find Out More Jablotron | Keypad | JA-114E

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STE Solutions Alarm Kit

Protect your home from intruders with a Security System. A full suite of smart devices – indoor and outdoor cameras, shock sensors, high-power sirens, with fully wireless functionality, with no landline connection needed.

And each security system includes the ultimate deterrent – a option for  smoke barrier, remotely activated to drive burglars away from your property – because they can’t TAKE what they can’t see!

With STE you get 24/7 alarm monitoring, with the fastest response rate in the UK.

Our alarm receiving center quickly identifies threats and intruders, and will dispatch help to secure your property and your loved ones. And with our mobile app, it’s never been easier to secure your home while you are away.

System Services

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Devices Included

Control Panel

JA-103K Control panel with LAN communicator

3G Control Panel: Your Protection, Anywhere

The core element of the JABLOTRON 100+ security system. A control panel for protecting family houses, offices and smaller companies. It can only be installed by a trained technician with a valid Jablotron Alarms certificate.

Declaration of conformity – JA-103K (PDF 317.12 kB)

External Sounder

High Power Siren: The Most Powerful Deterrent

High Power Siren: The Most Powerful Deterrent

Our High Power Siren generates a very loud noise and it is installed independently from the Control Panel, making it very difficult for the burglars to locate and deactivate

PIR Detectors with Camera

Photo Detector: What Matters Most, Under our Surveillance

The Photo Detector is equipped with a mini-camera and built-in flash

The Photo Detector is equipped with a mini-camera and built-in flash that enables the alarm to capture sequences of colour images, even at night. When the alarm is activated, any movement will be recorded as an image sequence. You can also take images of your home /business whenever you like by simply using ‘My Jablotron App on your mobile, laptop or tablet device.

Doors & Windows

Shock Sensor: Protect All Access Points

Shock Sensor: Protect All Access PointsDoor Contact: Protect All Access Points

With our Door Contact & Shock Sensor, you can protect gates, doors and windows, whether you are in the building or not.

Guard Response

Guard Response: Extra Security in the Event of Attempted Burglary

Rapid Response

Security Guard Response

If there is an attempted burglary confirmed by images, we’ll send a Security Guard. The Security Guard would inform you of any damage and restore the security.

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Smart Property Management System

Dahua CCTV – Three In One Camera (Tioc)

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Smart Property Automation

Heating Smart Control

Dahua WizSence Technology – Artificial Intelligence

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